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Christian Cafe Reviews – Is This Online Christian Dating Service Worth Your Money?

So you are thinking about joining Christian Cafe. Most likely, you want to make sure that you will successfully start a serious relationship and eventually get married. What is an effective way to ensure that you should become a member of Christian Cafe? By reading Christian Cafe reviews.

Unlike other reviews that you will find on the internet, these set of reviews will include opinions of actual users of Christian Cafe. I have summarized the opinions that I have found. I have also included opinions based on my own experience. Additionally, you will learn both the strengths and the weaknesses of the Christian Cafe service. Reading what is below will definitely help you make your decision.

What is Christian Cafe?

Christian Cafe is a Christian online dating service. It helps Christian singles connect with other Christian singles so that they can find start a serious relationship, find a marriage partner, and make new friends. Members can complete a dating profile and upload photos and view the photos and dating profiles of other people. Members communicate with each other using email and instant messaging.


*You will meet lots of Christians that are single and actively looking

An excellent feature of Christian Cafe is that its members consist of Christians that are single and actively looking. The fact that someone is a paid member on this dating service means that they are serious about seeking a partner. Furthermore, the fact that Christian Cafe is for Christian singles means that you are very likely to find someone that shares your beliefs and values. The multiple choice section of the dating profiles allows members to indicate the seriousness of their Christian faith, their denomination, and their level of church involvement. Also, the short answers section of the dating profiles allows members to go into more detail about their Christian faith and talk about the Scripture verses that are important to you. This will allow you to see if your views will match those of who you are interested in. The ultimate result is that you increase your chances of finding someone that is compatible with you as a marriage partner.

As an actual user of the Christian Cafe service, I can safely say that there are plenty of attractive men and women that want a Christ-centered relationship.

*You will be part of a Christian owned and operated dating service

A big advantage of Christian Cafe is that it is Christian owned and operated. For instance, the president of Christian Cafe Sam Moorcroft is a follower of Jesus Christ. Accordingly, the people running this dating service follow Christian values and truly care about their members. Another consequence is that whatever Christian Cafe promotes to its members will be consistent with Christianity.

Many other Christian dating websites are owned by secular companies. Such companies are primarily driven to make as much money as possible, rather than glorify God. As a result, such companies are likely to promote things that are against Christian values.

In contrast, if you sign up to Christian Cafe, you will be in an online environment that will strengthen your walk with God.

*You will have a variety of ways to communicate with Christian singles

Christian Cafe features a variety of ways to communicate with other Christian singles. This means that you have a lot of choices when it comes to meeting new people and contacting whoever you are interested in.

Firstly, you can contact members through email. On every dating profile, you can press the button ‘SEND MAIL’ to write an email to the person. The email will be sent using the Christian Cafe server. This is one of the best ways to start the conversation. After getting to know each other, you can move on to sharing actual email addresses and phone numbers – but make sure that you only give your email address and phone number to those you trust.

Secondly, you can send winks at members. Sending a wink sends an automatic message to the member that you are interested in him or her. It is a recommended way to break the ice. Sending a wink only takes a second. All you have to do to is press ‘SEND-A-WINK!’ on the person’s profile. Sending winks is recommended for females to do when contacting another member for the first time, since it indicates interest and encourages the male to send an email. For males, it is recommended to send a quick email, because it shows genuine interest and courage.

Thirdly, you can connect with other Christian singles in the Christian Cafe forum. This forum is for Christian Cafe members only. In this forum, you can talk about many topics. Such topics include Christianity, dating and relationships, current events, music, travelling, books, movies and television, health, music and cooking. Being part of this forum allows you to make new friends and have more opportunities to meet your potential match.

Furthermore, you can send instant messages and talk to other Christian singles in chat rooms. These options provide additional ways to connect with others, make new friends, and increase your chances of finding someone you are interested in.

*You have access to a powerful search tool

This online Christian dating website has a very powerful search function. You can search for singles according to a lot of criteria: gender, age, location by state/province, region, whether they smoke, whether they drink and marital status. Other criteria you can specify include: whether they have children, height, weight, hair colour, hair length, physical appearance, type of intellect, race, Christian faith, church involvement, denomination, education, salary, occupation, type of relationship they are looking for, and willingness to relocate. With all of these criteria you can specify in your search, you can easily look for singles that fit a particular description, especially a description of your ideal match.

Once you have decided on your criteria, you can save it and be notified of new members that meet that criteria. Since Christian Cafe has hundreds of new members joining every day, you have many chances of meeting people that fit your criteria.

There is also the QuickMatch tool. This tool produces matches based on age, type of relationship sought, level of Christian faith, and geographic location. This allows you to quickly get a list of Christian singles that are likely to be compatible with you, expanding your chances of finding a partner.

*You get a free trial

Christian Cafe is a quality Christian dating site. Hence, it is a paid service. However, you can get a ten day free trial. There is no obligation to purchase a membership. No credit card is required. Also, you can remove your profile at any time. In the free trial, you can make search and look at the full profiles of other Christian singles, send and receive emails and winks and participate in the forum. Also, you can make a complete profile and upload your photos. You can start communicating with Christian singles immediately.


*There are quite a few poor dating profiles

There is one weakness that actually belongs to the members, rather than the service itself. It is common to find poor dating profiles – profiles with poor photos, and poorly written responses to the questions. Christian Cafe is not an exception. A person’s face might not be visible. Also, some responses to the questions are no more than a sentence long. However, you can easily fix this weakness by getting to know the members more. Send them an email to a member if you think their responses are too vague. If the relationship develops, you can move on to sharing photos.

*Profiles only allow for three photos

Another weakness is that you can only upload three photos in your dating profile. This means that you must be very selective in the photos that you upload. At the very least, have your main photo show your face clearly with you smiling. This makes you look friendly and approachable, encouraging Christian singles to click on your profile and read it. Also, have at least one other photo showing you doing something interesting. This makes it easier for people looking at your profile to ask you questions, helping to break the ice.


This set of Christian Cafe reviews has told you of the strengths and weakness of the online Christian dating service. Christian Cafe’s strengths are: you will have access to many Christians that are single and actively looking, you will be part of a Christian owned and operated dating site, and you will have a variety of ways of connecting with other Christian singles. Christian Cafe’s weakness are: only three photos can be uploaded into the dating profile, and members may have poor dating profiles. A couple of more of Christian Cafe’s advantages are that you get access to a powerful search tool to seek potential matches and you get a free trial that allows you to look at full members profiles and email members that you are interested in. Overall, Christian Cafe is a highly recommended Christian dating service. Joining this website will very much increase your chances of finding your Christian match and getting married. login
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